"My wife and I were nervous and anxious at the thought of hiring someone to take care of our son. As luck would have it, we found Jasmine. We started with a post on care.com and interviewed a few different nannies. We were unable to really connect with any of them and so we kept looking. Once we sat down with Jasmine it did not take long for us to feel comfortable with her. She was engaged, organized, calm and confident. We decided on the spot to ask her to watch our son and it was one of the best decisions we have made in our life. This was our first-born and we felt a lot of pressure to provide the highest quality of care, education and attention for him. Jasmine went above and beyond any of our expectations. I often would come home randomly during the day and never once was Jasmine not attentive to our son. He was never plopped down, in front of the TV or playing across the room while she was on her phone (as we feared with any caregiver). Jasmine was always engaged, present and teaching our son. Jasmine truly built a connection with our son, and he loves her. That attention, dedication and presence has been pivotal in his development and growth. We are forever grateful for Jasmine; she is not only a great child caretaker but also a wonderful person. We highly recommend Jasmine for any of your childcare needs."

-Jake T